About Us

Martha Chapman Hi there, my name is Martha Chapman, and I do most of the work of reviews, testing and commentary on this website! I’m a mother of two and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I run TopWindowFans.com with my husband because I wanted to give more people ways to air condition their homes without breaking the bank on a central air unit or other expensive installation. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it gets cold in the winter, but it never gets too hot, so my husband Johnathan and I decided that to beat the heat, we would get window fans to stay cool.

One chaotic search later we had our first window fan. It was perfect… for about a week, and then it broke. Eventually we were able to find another window fan ,but I knew finding the perfect window fan for our needs should not have been that difficult.

Enter TopWindowFans.com! Johnathan and I decided we’d run a window fan review site so nobody else has to deal with the same ordeal we went through just to cool our home off.

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