About Us

Martha Chapman Hi there, my name is Martha Chapman, and I do most of the work of reviews, testing and commentary on this website! I’m a mother of two and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I run TopWindowFans.com with my husband because I wanted to give more people ways to air condition their homes without breaking the bank on a central air unit or other expensive installation. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it gets cold in the winter, but it never gets too hot, so my husband Johnathan and I decided that to beat the heat, we would get window fans to stay cool.

One chaotic search later we had our first window fan. It was perfect… for about a week, and then it broke. Eventually we were able to find another window fan ,but I knew finding the perfect window fan for our needs should not have been that difficult.

Enter TopWindowFans.com! Johnathan and I decided we’d run a window fan review site so nobody else has to deal with the same ordeal we went through just to cool our home off.

As a reminder, my family and I earn fees on this website by linking products reviewed to Amazon.com. You can read more about how that works on our Privacy Policy page or reach out to us for more information on our Contact Us page.