Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans For Your Home

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The 5 Best Pedestal Fans

Owning the best pedestal fans are one of the most tried and true ways to stay cool when it’s hot outside. When summer is in full effect, we have no choice but to turn to cooling methods. Our lives are built around comfort, and a cool atmosphere goes without question. However, instead of relying completely on our AC units for our cooling needs, it’s a good idea to explore the benefits of a pedestal fan. The best pedestal fans can keep you and your family cool without sending the electricity bill through the roof. Check out these pedestal fan reviews and ratings if you want to buy the best pedestal fan to keep cool with this summer.

The 5 Top Pedestal Fans

With all of the new features you can find in the best pedestal fans, also known as stand fans, it can be difficult to choose. Any old fan that seems nice might not be what you need in the long run. We took the time to find some of the best pedestal fans, and the top five pedestal fans below made the list.

Editor’s PicksBrandRating *
Best ChoiceAmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Premium PickVornado 7803 Large Pedestal Air Circulator Fan♥♥♥♥♥
Best ValueClimature 16″ Pedestal Fan-Black♥♥♥♡♡
Heavy-Duty PickMaxx Air Heavy-Duty Warehouse Industrial Pedestal Fan♥♥♥♥♡
Quiet PickCOSTWAY 16-inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan♥♥♥♥♡
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When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

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Best Choice: AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

★ Best Choice
Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans For Your Home 1Best Choice for Best Pedestal Fan: AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

The AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Fan is anything but basic. Its 24 different speeds and convenience that will fit any lifestyle make it one of the best pedestal fans around.

The AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan is a 16-inch fan with a basic but sleek design. It’s a long-lasting fan that’s built with a durable motor. Speaking of durable, the plastic grill ensures you won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion, so it will be easy to clean and maintain.

It’s got 24 different speeds and three modes (nature, sleep, and normal), so you can customize it to suit all of your needs. The height and vertical angle can also be adjusted, and it comes with a remote for convenient use at a distance as well as an auto shut-off timer. This fan also features dual blades instead of a single blade, so it can move air more efficiently.

Item Key Features:


  • Includes a fan for convenience
  • Has two blades instead of one
  • Has 24 speeds and three modes
  • Very quiet


  • Some speeds are extremely similar, may not seem like there are 24

Premium Pick: Vornado 7803 Large Pedestal Air Circulator Fan

♛ Premium Pick
Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans For Your Home 2Premium Pick for Best Pedestal Fan: Vornado 7803 Large Pedestal Air Circulator Fan

Vornado 7803 Large Pedestal Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 7803 Large Pedestal Air Circulator is one of the best pedestal fans due to its vortex technology that throws air further and cools rooms faster without producing a lot of noise.

The Vornado 7803 Large Pedestal Air Circulator has an innovative design. To begin, the vortex technology works to circulate air throughout the entire room better than a traditional oscillator.

The twists in the grill cause the air to spiral, leaving your entire room cool. Furthermore, the cylindrical duct is able to penetrate both hot and cold areas. The Vornado can cool up to 100 feet away. These features make it great for cooling larger rooms.

There are three speed options as well as adjustability. Its head can be tilted and the height can be adjusted up to 40 inches. The Vornado’s grill is removable and therefore easy to clean and maintain. To top it off, it’s strong but only gives off subtle background noise.

Item Key Features:


  • Vortex technology cools rooms more efficiently
  • Moves air up to 100 feet
  • Satisfaction guaranteed five-year warranty


  • Does not come with a remote

Best Value: Climature 16″ Pedestal Fan-Black

$ Best Value
Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans For Your Home 3Budget Choice for Best Pedestal Fan: Climature 16 inch Pedestal Fan-Black

Climature 16″ Pedestal Fan-Black

The Climate 16” Fan is one of the best pedestal fans due to its affordability and ease of use. It’s simple but provides good results, making it a great choice for someone who needs a fan on a budget.

The Climature 16” Fan has a simple design that doesn’t skimp out on the benefits. It’s simple to use and affordable, and that’s what Climature specializes in. This is perfect if you need a fan but don’t want to spend a bunch or money. 

The company’s 16-inch fan comes with three blades and three basic speeds. An oscillating head gives your room more airflow throughout. Both the height and fan head are adjustable, which is great for customizing your cooling needs. While the fan has a panel display and a few options, there is no remote for controlling those functions


  • Low cost
  • Easy to use controls
  • Adjustable height and head


  • Does not come with a remote

Heavy-Duty Pick: Maxx Air Heavy-Duty Warehouse Industrial Pedestal Fan

♥ Top Pick
Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans For Your Home 7Heavy-Duty Pick for Best Pedestal Fan: Maxx Air Heavy-Duty Warehouse Industrial Pedestal Fan

Maxx Air Heavy-Duty Warehouse Industrial Pedestal Fan

The Maxx Air Industrial Fan is one of the best pedestal fans if you’re looking for something to use in a garage or while you’re at work outside due to its rate of performance.

The Maxx Air Industrial Pedestal Fan is an industrial fan for serious cooling. Maxx Air has been around since 1948 and stands by its product, which is OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health Administration) compliant. This metal pedestal fan contains a long-lasting, high-performing motor that’s suitable for industrial use.

It boasts thirty inches of height and offers 4100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of circulation at low speed, 4400 CFM at medium speed and 4800 CFM at high speed. With that kind of circulation, you might find it suitable for your warehouse or garage. This one’s probably not the best choice for a typical living space, but it’s great for use in a garage or similar setting.


  • High cubic meters per feet
  • Great for industrial use
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Quite loud

Quiet Pick: COSTWAY 16-inch Oscillating Fan

♥ Top Pick
Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans For Your Home 8Quiet Pick for Best Pedestal Fan: COSTWAY 16-inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan

COSTWAY 16-inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The COSTWAY Fan is one of the best pedestal fans because of how quiet it is. It has two modes to help you customize your experience and get the most out of the fan.

The COSTWAY Pedestal Fan has great quality while also being affordable, and on top of that, it’s also great for people who ned to choose a quiet fan. It’s able to provide ultimate air flow with five small blades and five large blades. At the same time, you will barely hear it. Therefore, it’s perfect for cooling any home or office.

The COSTWAY comes with two modes, natural and normal, and two speed options. 

A head that can be tilted and height that is adjustable from 44 to 53 inches make it customizable for your needs. The remote lets you control your speed and wind settings. Furthermore, save energy by using the timer, which can be set from one to 15 hours of operation


  • Extremely quiet
  • Comes with a remote
  • Available in black or white
  • Features dual blades with one large and one small


  • Only two speed settings

Important Pedestal Fan Features to Consider

You’re probably like me and like to determine your needs and wants before making a purchase. However, maybe you’re not even sure what to consider before purchasing a stand fan. The best pedestal fans will have innovative features. Below are a few attributes to add to your list of priorities.

Are You Noise Sensitive?

If you’re like me, you need to be able to hear a pin drop while the creative juices are flowing. There are quiet pedestal fans that aren’t noticeable during regular day to day activities. However, I wouldn’t completely give up on fans that do not have a quiet setting. I have found that a louder fan can sometimes help me focus, adding to the background noise in your environment.

Would a Timer be Convenient?

Did you know that fans in South Korea and some parts of Japan and Russia have built-in timers due to the fear of asphyxiation? Beside the fun fact, you may benefit from a timer if you tend to forget to turn things off sometimes. Such a feature can save you money on your energy bill and make your life a tad easier.

Do You Have Enough Space?

Using a Pedetal FanAnother feature to consider is the fan’s cubic feet per minute, also known as the CFM. While it’s easier to cool smaller rooms and homes, you may want to determine whether your larger space can be cooled efficiently. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money to buy additional fans to accommodate for a larger space. If you think a pedestal fan may be a bit too bulky for where you need it in your home, think about getting a more narrow tower fan instead.

Do You Prefer Adjustability?

Most fans come with an adjustable height, which lets you choose whether or not you want air directly on you. Some fans offer even more than just two height positions and offer tilt options. This feature is even better, since you can adjust until you find the perfect, most comfortable setting.

Would A Remote Come In Handy?

Just the same as with a television, no one wants to walk across the room to press the off or speed button. This is not to call anyone lazy. You may be working on an important project or catching up on your favorite TV show. Most fans are equipped with a remote, no matter your reasons for wanting one. Not all fans allow you to control every feature with the remote, however.

Are Speed Options Important?

I must say that as long as there’s a low, medium and high setting, I’m a happy camper. However, everyone has different needs. That’s why today’s stand fans can be found with many speeds, many with over 50 speeds. If you love having options and you can’t wait to try out each speed, then perhaps this feature is for you.

Why Buy A Pedestal Fan?

If you’re old school, you know that placing a fan in a window can offer a great deal of relief on a hot summer day. However, with the prevalence of central air, fans have all but lost their popularity. Even so, there are a few advantages that are helping fans, especially standing fans, make a comeback.

Pedestal Fans are Versatile

Pedestal fans are one of the most popular types of fans due to how versatile they are. You can buy a pedestal fan that can go outdoors or you can buy one with built-in space heaters. As much as we love floor fans, they just don’t have this amount of versatility.

Less Energy Consumption

Our first response to a heat wave is to crank up the AC. When it may be 87 degrees outside, inside our homes feels like an ice box. While some experts recommend setting your thermostat to about 10 degrees less than it is outside, that’s just not the reality.

According to one National Institute of Health article, fans are energy efficient and use 50 times less energy than AC units. The article also mentions that excessive use of central cooling can lead to black outs and contribute to global warming. So using standing fans can help curb global warming, save some of our natural resources and keep money in the bank.

Pedestal Fans Are Effective At Cooling The Body

You may be wondering whether it makes sense to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of the environment and a few extra bucks. This is a feasible concern. Many of us will definitely feel the effects of turning up the thermostat. However, we tend to have become so spoiled that we have trouble dealing with a few extra degrees.

A study found that, while a fan may not cool a room like the AC, it does work to lower your body temperature during heat waves, and circulates air to improve indoor air quality and get rid of VOCs in the home. Whole-room fans may even work nearly as efficiently as an AC unit. Fans work by evaporating sweat on the surface of the skin, which in turn cools the body. Today’s stand fans, which have large, powerful blades to increase airflow, are quite capable of lowering body temperature.

Made With Technological Innovation

Even the least innovative stand fans come with convenient features. For example, many have remote controls, timers and numerous speed settings, whether you prefer a modern design or a vintage pedestal fan. Furthermore, many of them are oscillating for increased air circulation throughout your home. You can also adjust the airflow to your liking. And if a standing fan doesn’t supply enough air for your needs, you can supplement it with a window fan or ceiling fan, too.


The Advantages of Using Pedestal FansNow that you have some ideas of what to look for when choosing the best pedestal fans and have a few options, let’s see who the winner is. It was a fairly simple choice, since I look for the best features for the price. That’s why the AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan is my top pick and favorite of these five fans.

Its three modes and 24 speeds make it great to use, especially at night when I really want some quiet so I can sleep. Plus, the two blades really make a difference in how effective it is at pushing air, and it’s obviously a step above other fans I’ve tried in the past. That’s why I’m confident in declaring this the best pedestal fan for keeping cool in the hot summers.