Top 5 Quiet Vacuums

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The 5 Best Quiet Vacuums

Vacuums are a necessary tool if you have any amount of carpeting or rugs at home, but finding the best quiet vacuum can be a lifesaver if you share walls with neighbors or have a napping child in the house. Or, of course, if you just don’t like traditional loud vacuum cleaners. No matter your reason, quiet vacuum cleaners are a great thing to have. Keep reading for quiet vacuum reviews and ratings.

Top 5 Quiet Vacuum Reviews

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating *
Best Choice MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Handheld Vacuum ♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick JASHEN Ultra-Quiet Handheld Cordless Vacuum ♥♥♥♥♥
Best Value Homasy Portable Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum ♥♥♥♡♡
Runner Up Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Mode Suction ♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable Mention APOSEN 250W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ♥♥♥♥♡
is made possible by its users.
When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

Even within the subcategory of quiet vacuum cleaners, there is a surprising amount of variety in the sizes and features offered. To help you buy the right vacuum for you and narrow down the best quiet vacuum for you and your home, we’ve done some research and found the top five best quiet vacuum cleaners so that you can pick the best one for you.

★ Best Choice
Top 5 Quiet Vacuums 1Best Choice for Best Quiet Vacuum: MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Handheld Vacuum

The MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Handheld Vacuum is the best quiet vacuum because it weighs less than 3 pounds but provides 200 watts of suction and has two different power modes for different vacuuming needs.

This cordless vacuum from MOOSOO is versatile and lightweight, weighing in at less than 3 pounds, but this upgraded version still provides 200 watts of suction with two power modes to meet all of your daily cleaning needs. This vacuum can operate either at its standard 10kPa or MAX mode at 17kPa, so you can set the vacuum to the appropriate amount necessary and not run down the battery unnecessarily.

Which is brings us to one of the best features about this vacuum: it’s cordless. No more accidentally yanking out the plug from the socket, untangling cords, or playing outlet hot potato—just grab and go. This model also has LED lights to light even the darkest corners and washable/recyclable HEPA filters.


  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Cordless vacuum


  • Battery only lasts thirty minutes at a time
♛ Premium Pick
Top 5 Quiet Vacuums 2Premium Pick for Best Quiet Vacuum: JASHEN Ultra-Quiet Handheld Cordless Vacuum

The JASHEN Ultra-Quiet Handheld Cordless Vacuum is the best quiet vacuum because it has some of the highest power capabilities for this style of vacuum with 350 watts and a 4-layer HEPA filtration system that captures 99.99% of fine dust.

The JASHEN Ultra-Quiet Handheld Cordless Vacuum easily sucks up debris from both hard floor and carpeting with its 350 watts of power, designed to rival larger traditional corded vacuums. Though the V16 comes with just the one battery, you can purchase any spares you’d like to clean for extended periods. The V16 has a .5L dust cup, allowing the unit to remain very lightweight (and the dust cup can easily be emptied around battery changes).

This model’s 4-stage High Efficiency Filtration system captures 99.99% of fine dust that accumulates in the floor, and has a built-in filter sensor that will alert you of any issues on the interior. The sensor panel informs you of the current power mode, the run time left on the battery, and a filter cleaning alert. It also has two LED lights that automatically turn on and off to ensure that you can see in dark corners and under furniture to still achieve a thorough clean.


  • Different modes for wood floors and carpeting
  • 1-year warranty
  • Filter cleaning alert


  • Battery runs for up to 40 minutes
$ Best Value
Top 5 Quiet Vacuums 3Budget Choice for Best Quiet Vacuum: Homasy Portable Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum

The Homasy Portable Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum is the best quiet vacuum because it is lightweight and handheld, perfect for cleaning tight corners, furniture, and car interiors, and the battery is built to last 500 cycles.

For those who are looking for the best quiet vacuum on a budget or don’t need as heavy-duty of a vacuum cleaner, look no further! The Homasy Portable Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum offers 8kPa of suction power and can suck up particles as small as 0.3 microns that hide deep in flooring and furniture. The .6L dust collection cup is a respectable size for such a small vacuum as well, meaning fewer trips to the trash can.

Homasy’s lithium battery is designed to last over extended periods, and can cycle up to 500 times in its expected 5-year lifespan, so you know exactly what you’re getting with lithium. As a portable handheld vacuum and cordless, this is an especially good option for cleaning out hard-to-reach places in furniture and vehicles.


  • Washable fabric filter
  • Good pick for use as a car vacuum
  • 100mL rubber jar attachment for liquid spills


  • May not be powerful enough for extensive carpeting
♥ Top Pick
Top 5 Quiet Vacuums 7Runner Up for Best Quiet Vacuum: Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Mode Suction

The Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Mode Suction is the best quiet vacuum because it is a robotic unit that cleans automatically, can run 110 minutes on a single battery charge, and takes itself back to the charger when on low battery.

If you’re looking towards the future in your cleaning preferences, the Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Turbo Mode Suction may be the best quiet vacuum cleaner for you. The K600 is a robotic, self-charging vacuum that operates at a noise level of only 55dB, or about the same noise as a microwave. The roller brush on this model is V-shaped and made from a mix of nylon and rubber to gather large debris, and there’s also a Turbo Mode for increased suction power of up to 1500kPa if you need to deep clean.

The K600 has a three-layer HEPA filtration system that blocks 99% of particles, including pesky allergens, pet dander, and hair. The K600 runs for almost two hours per each charge, and it will return to its charger automatically. This is a great, easy-to-use remote option for people who don’t have a lot of time to vacuum themselves.


  • Self-Charging automatic system
  • 12-month worry-free warranty


  • You can’t control exactly where it goes since it is all automatic
♥ Top Pick
Top 5 Quiet Vacuums 8Honorable Mention for Best Quiet Vacuum: APOSEN 250W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The APOSEN 250W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the best quiet vacuum because it has a powerful 18kPa of suction and is a 4 in 1 stick vacuum for a variety of uses.

The APOSEN 250W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner operates with a powerful 18kPa of suction. The washable 4-stage filtration HEPA filter traps 99.99% of particulates and can be easily cleaned and replaced to keep the vacuum operating at ideal capacity. This model can run for 30 minutes at standard power and 12 minutes at MAX mode, and the detachable battery is easy to replace with a spare, so you can vacuum for extended periods of time.

This model also comes with an extension wand, and the ergonomic handle allows users to easily lift the vacuum to reach hard places like the creases of a sofa or Venetian blinds with no problem. Plus, the wall mount that comes with it provides a clutter-free storage space for when the vacuum is not in use.


  • 2-year warranty and 24-hr customer service
  • Comes with three attachments for different cleaning


  • Vacuum only runs for 12 minutes in MAX mode

Features to Consider for the Best Quiet Vacuum

As you may be able to tell from our quiet vacuum reviews, there are many features to consider in the search for the best quiet vacuum cleaners that affect functionality, efficiency, and price. Here are some of the features to keep in mind before choosing your new vacuum.

Noise Level

When you’re in the process of searching the quietest vacuum, one of the important aspects will of course be the vacuum cleaner noise. Though not all vacuums list it, decibels are something to keep in mind so that you can accurately compare units. Decibels are a measure of noise, with higher numbers meaning louder noises. Even numbers that seem close (like 55dB and 65dB) can be misleading because every increase of 10 actually means that the sound is ten times louder. Every decibel counts!

Suction Strength

Kilopascals are a unit of measurement to measure pressure, and a kilopascals measures 1,000 newtons per square meter. This isn’t very intuitive, but the important thing to know is that higher kPa means more pressure, which means a more powerful vacuum.

Battery Life

Since all of these vacuums are cordless, battery life is an important factor to consider. Can you finish all of your vacuuming in 30 or 40 minutes? If not, you will need to either purchase spare batteries so that you can finish all the vacuuming at once, or else space out getting the cleaning done. This also goes along with how long the battery takes to charge: if you only have one battery, it may be quite tiring to vacuum for 25 minutes and then wait 4 hours for the battery to return to full charge.

Dust Cup Size

While the size of the dust cup doesn’t affect the power of the vacuum cleaner, it can certainly affect how efficiently you can clean if the dust cup is so small that you have to dump it out every few minutes. It isn’t the most important factor, but if you know that you’re going to be cleaning up big messes and larger pieces of debris, it may be worth looking into a vacuum with a larger dust cup size.

Liquid Cup

Some vacuums may come with a rubber liquid in order to vacuum up limited amounts of water or other liquid spills. While this is a great feature to have, make sure that you don’t try to overfill the cup. If there is a wet spill, try to mop or towel up as much of the liquid as possible before vacuuming over it to achieve the best results. Alternatively, you can buy a commercial wet vac for liquid mess.

Benefits of Using Quiet Vacuums

There are many benefits of choosing a quiet vacuum over a commercial vacuum or corded stick vacuum. Here are a few of the benefits to look forward to once you find your best quiet vacuum.

No Cord Wrangling

With these cordless quiet vacuums, there’s no need to wrangle with cords that get caught around corners, get tangled into knots, and limit how much you’re able to clean at once. There are few things more frustrating when cleaning than having to find a new outlet for that last 20 square feet that you just can’t quite reach.

Maintaining a Quiet Vacuum

The main benefit of choosing a silent vacuum is cleaner, of course, the fact that it is quiet. Quiet vacuums are a courtesy to downstairs neighbors and to yourself, since the loud whirring noise of a standard vacuum can be grating after a while. This is also great if there are young babies and toddlers in the house and you want to get some cleaning done while they nap, or if a member of the household is working from home and needs relative quiet to concentrate.

Precautions of Using Quiet Vacuums

Before deciding on your best quiet vacuum and making a purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing and when operating these vacuums to ensure the vacuum has the lifespan it was meant to. Here are some precautions to keep in mind.

Turn Off Vacuum When Charging

When charging a vacuum, it is important to ensure that the vacuum is entirely off beforehand. Charging a rechargeable battery when the vacuum is on can damage the battery and severely reduce the lifespan of the battery. In these situations, you don’t get everything that you could out of the battery and it can be prevented by simply making sure that the vacuum is off first.

Don’t Vacuum Liquids

These cordless quiet vacuums are not wet/dry vacs, and they should not be used to vacuum up wet messes. Some vacuums may have applications to handle limited amounts of liquid, but unless specified otherwise, liquid is very damaging to HEPA filters and will damage them. Not only will this destroy the capability of the vacuum, you will need to replace these filters that are normally washable and able to last quite a while.


After doing our research and figuring out our favorites, we’ve decided that the best quiet vacuum is the MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Handheld Vacuum, first from our list! This vacuum has impressive power capabilities for weighing only 2.8lbs, and is at a very reasonable price for the features it offers.

Which is your favorite? No matter which option ends up being the best quiet vacuum for you, we hope that it meets all of your expectations and more.