Best Window Fans Of 2019

We have researched the market for the best window fans available. Below, are the results of our in-depth research. Click on the item description to see a full product review of each top window fan!

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Top Ranked & Best Window Fans:

AirKing 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan★★★★★
Lasko 2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan★★★★
Holmes Twin Window Fan★★★★★
Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan★★★★
Avalon Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades★★★

Why Should You Choose Your Window Fan Carefully?

Choosing the best window fan BEFORE you buy is important! Otherwise, you may buy a poor quality fan that doesn’t match the size of your room or apartment. Or, the window fan may not do what you intended it to do in the first place.

For example, if you are looking to buy a window fan to supplement your existing air conditioner, you may not need to buy as an expensive model than if you were going to use it every day. However, if you plan to use the window fan a lot, look for a more powerful window fan model. The fans with only average capabilities probably won’t do the job. In addition, improper operation of a window fan might also lead to the unit breaking down or no longer functioning like it should. Also, higher usage of the window fan can also lead to higher operational costs, which in turn, lead to the higher electric bills.

Impotance of pickign the right fan


Another important item to pay attention to is the type of window fan. If you are living in an area that has a great deal of air pollution or you live near a busy street with car exhausts, the intake window fan might be a mistake. In these cases, it’s better to consider an exhaust type of window fan, which will push out the stuffy air from inside the room. Also, the size of the window fan needs special attention as well. For example, in the case where your windows are long and narrow, your window fan may not fit the window opening.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Window Fan

Here are some tips to think about when choosing a window fan.

Size of the Window Fan

As mentioned before, the size of a window fan is one of the key things to pay attention to when buying one. In case you have big, long windows, opt for a twin window fan, so that there will be no gaps in between the window frame and the unit itself.

Having gaps in your window after installing the window fan is highly undesirable since gaps are perfect places for small insects to sneak inside your home. Moreover, these gaps might also be used by criminals in order to get access to your premises, if the window fan is poorly secured into the window opening.

Size of Window Fan

The size of the window fan also plays a large role in relation to the size of the room or your home where it is being installed. If the area you intend to use it in is large, then choose a larger window fan, and vice versa.

Considering the above, we strongly recommend buying a window fan that fully matches the size of your window. However, don’t worry – most of the models perfectly fit into the standard window frames.

Before buying a window fan, measure the size of your window frame and only then start your fan search. Make sure that the unit you intend to buy is easily installable. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the window fan can be removed with ease – for cleaning or other reasons.

Type of Window Fan

The type of the window fan is as important as its size. There are two types of window fans – intake and exhaust. The former type works on the principle of pulling cold air from outside, while the latter exhaust type pushes stale air from inside your home. If you are looking to maximize the performance of your window fan operations, purchase both types of units.

Place the intake fan on the shady side of your house to use it to pull the cool air overnight. Then, install the exhaust fan on the sunny side of your house to use it to push out the hot air from your premises.

Reversable Window Fan

In the same fashion, if you are only looking for one window fan, choose the type according to the intended placement of the unit. In case you want to install the window fan in the sunny side of your house, buy the exhaust type of the fan, and vice versa.

However, there is also a great option to buy a fan that is able to perform both these functions. These window fans feature the reverse function, where you can switch the appliance from intake mode to exhaust and back.

Durability And Safety of the Window Fan

Before buying a window fan, pay close attention to what the fan is made of and who makes it. Choose a window fan made of a strong and solid material in order to ensure longevity of the appliance. In case you have children in your household, think about safety measures before buying and installing a window fan as well.

In order to make sure that the fan is safe to use, pay attention to the blades – you want to make sure they are secured by the outer grill of the window fan.

Consider The Wind Direction for Your Window Fan

If you have lived in your current home for long enough, you probably already know the direction the wind blows around your house. As to be expected, some of the windows usually tend to have cooler outside air. We recommend installing the intake window fan on these windows. This will maximize the efficiency of your window fan, reducing the operational costs of the unit.

House Position Wind

If you are not sure about the direction of the wind in your area or if the direction of the wind is not constant, we would recommend purchasing the reversible type of window fan, so you can adjust the operation mode in line with the changes in the winds.

Noise Level of Window Fans

Some window fans tend to make noise when they are being operated. If you are indifferent to noise levels, you are lucky (unfortunately, I am not) and can basically choose any fan that. However, if you are a light sleeper or just don’t like the sound of a running window fan, make sure you purchase a window fan that operates quietly.


Choosing the best window fan shouldn’t be a chore. Use the above tips to buy the one that best fits your needs. And if you need additional tips and ideas on buying a window fan, download our Window Fan Buyers Guide.