How to Ventilate a Home Workshop

shop or playhouse ventilation

Having a workshop or children’s playhouse at home for repairs and home improvements can be a delight for many homeowners.

Breathing in a lot of dust or chemicals as a result of these projects is an unfortunate possibility that could even be life-threatening. The ability to remove contaminants takes ventilation, which may be built into the workshop or added on after the fact. With this information, homeowners will be able to identify their ventilation needs and choose from a few options that will help them clear the air and keep it fresh. Read more How to Ventilate a Home Workshop

Is Indoor Fresh Air Needed for Healthy Adults & Children?

Fresh air for health

People need many things for good health. Is indoor fresh air one of them?

Doctors and scientists have known for a long time that the air that we breath has a lot to do with our health. People living in smog or smoke filled cities often have a greater chance of breathing difficulties, upper respiratory problems and even some cancers.

When the air is bad outside in these cities, often the only remedy told to citizens is to, “…stay indoors.”  But in many cases, without the use of a quality window fan bringing in fresh outside air, the air inside a home could actually be worse than the air outside! What are the main polluters of inside air? Read more Is Indoor Fresh Air Needed for Healthy Adults & Children?

Window Fans vs. Window A/C’s – Who Wins?

Window fan vs window a/c

Your home or apartment is hot, has stale or cigarette smoke. Should you buy a window fan or window air conditioning unit? Who wins in this important question?

First, it’s important to know the difference between a window fan and a window a/c unit. Basically, the biggest difference is that a window a/c unit uses a compressor and compressed gasses to generate cold or cool air using outside air. The air only moves in one direction with a window a/c unit – in. Additionally, the home, condo or apartment must be fairly sealed (with no open windows or doors) or the colder, compressed air will escape as the the air is only coming into the home – and no leaving. As a result, a window a/c unit does very little to clean or freshen the air. Read more Window Fans vs. Window A/C’s – Who Wins?

People Who Smoke May Need a Window Fan

Window Fans help smokers

Window fans have many uses. many people buy them as a way of cooling down a room, or even a whole house. But a window fan can do wonders for a room or whole house for people that may smoke cigars or cigarettes. But, as with all consumer goods, some window fans are better than others

Both smokers and non-smokers have had the occasion to visit a home where a smoker lives. Very often, once entering the home, you are hit with a stale cigarette smell. Sometimes, even the furniture, carpet and other items in the home ​may also emit an unpleasant “old” cigarette smell. Read more People Who Smoke May Need a Window Fan