People Who Smoke May Need a Window Fan

Window Fans help smokers

Window fans have many uses. many people buy them as a way of cooling down a room, or even a whole house. But a window fan can do wonders for a room or whole house for people that may smoke cigars or cigarettes. But, as with all consumer goods, some window fans are better than others

Both smokers and non-smokers have had the occasion to visit a home where a smoker lives. Very often, once entering the home, you are hit with a stale cigarette smell. Sometimes, even the furniture, carpet and other items in the home ​may also emit an unpleasant “old” cigarette smell.

​The installation of a window fan, either a whole house window fan or just for the main room where the smoker tends to hang-out is a great idea. But what type of window fan? Here is a guide to help buy a window fan. And what does a window fan do to help eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of cigar or cigarette smoke in the room?

Types of Window Fans That Reduce Cigarette Smells

First, how is a window fan different from a simple in-room fan? The largest difference is that an in-room fan simple blows the existing air in a room around. This is great if you are hot and may need a fast breeze, but it does nothing to clean the air or bring in fresh air.

As our reviews show, some window fans are better than others in bringing in fresh air and expelling inside air. The best window fan for cigarette smokers is the:

This fan brings in outside air while taking out the air inside the home.

Having a smoker in the home doesn’t mean that your home needs to smell of smoke. Though there are other indoor smells, the purchase and use of a window fan will increase the air circulation in the home while keeping fresh air continuing to come into your home.