How Do Bladeless Fans Work?

Bladeless Fans: How They Work and the BenefitsYou have probably seen advertisements for a new type of fan that uses state of the art, bladeless technology. Like many consumers, you probably think that bladeless fans look cool but have no idea how a fan can function without blades. So how do they work?

The Difference Between Bladeless and Traditional Fans

A traditional fan circulates air using blades. Whether a ceiling fan or oscillating fan, they all use the same technique to provide air flow to a room. A motor in the fan runs to spin the blades. It pulls air from behind it and pushes air through the front. Simple, right?

While a bladeless fan is marketed as a bladeless fan, there are actually blades in the fan. However, unlike traditional fans, these blades are encased in the base of the fan. These internal fans pull air from the side, spin inside, and push air out consistently.

Benefits of Bladeless Fans

Because the fans are located to the sides of the fan versus behind, the air blown through does not hold the heat from the blades. This can be great when your plan is to cool a room anyway. This also means the fans have a lower risk of injuring someone. If you have kids or pets, you want to make sure that their fingers or paws do not get caught in a fan. Because of a bladeless design, you can have fewer worries leaving a fan on in the room with your children or pets. Overall, a bladeless fan is a safer option.

Have you ever looked at the blades on a desk fan or battery fan? There is often a buildup of dust, allergens, and hair on the blades. These blades circulate whatever grime is on them into the air they push out. Because a bladeless fan contains their blades inside the fan, it’s much harder for that dust to collect on the blades, meaning you get to breathe cleaner air. As mentioned before, your bladeless fan is also going to cool a room down faster, so it can be used as a whole room fan. It is more powerful because of the multiple blades inside the fan. Because of this, a bladeless fan will not have to run as long in order to meet your needs.

Are The Worth the Money?

If you’ve only ever looked at one of the big names in bladeless fans, it’s easy to think that every bladeless fan is going to cost you hundreds of dollars. However, there are a lot of bladeless models that are much more affordably priced and are even competitive with other fan types. If you want to buy an inexpensive model to see if bladeless fans are for you, you very well can. With all the benefits that bladeless fans have over traditional fans, they’re definitely worth seriously looking into, whether you’re looking for a new dorm fan or a high-velocity fan.

We hope that this helped you make your decision on your next fan purchase.