Is a Space Heater Cheaper than Running Heat?

Should You Use a Space Heater Instead of the Heat?You may be using gas, electric, or radiant space heaters to warm colder areas in your home or business, such as office cubicles, three-season porches, or basements. Many people assume that space heating is more efficient and economical than upping the temperature on the furnace.

Space heaters can sometimes be a practical solution, but many people use them incorrectly and end up with higher energy bills. The reason for this is that space heaters are usually used for extra comfort in tandem with a central heating system. If you’re trying to cut down on heating costs in your home, you need to make sure you’re using your space heaters correctly, whether they are oil filled space heaters, baseboard heater, or another type.

When to Use a Space Heater

Infrared space heaters and oil-filled space heaters can be a less expensive option if you want to just heat one room or supplement bad heating in one room. For example, it can make sense to turn down the heat and then use a space heater to warm the area you are in. The room you are trying to heat with the space heater should be less than one-half of the home’s total area. If it’s more than one-half, it will increase your energy usage. You then will want to switch off the space heater when you are done with it so you don’t waste energy.

Space heaters aren’t more cost-effective than central heating systems when used beyond just one small area. If you want to heat a whole business or home, a furnace is a much better option. The Energy Department says that the cost to heat the entire home using electric office space heaters will cost more than just using a gas furnace.

Tips for Using Your Space Heater

If you don’t know how to use your space heater properly, you can end up wasting a lot of energy and money. Here are some tips to get the most out of your space heater and furnace:

  • Purchase an energy-efficient and portable ceramic space heater one for maximum savings
  • When using it, turn down the thermostat. You will increase your bills if you are using the space heater and another heating source
  • Dress adequately. You may not need to crank up the heat at all if you wear more layers

Space heaters can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to use one properly. Make sure you practice proper space heater safety when using one.

Tips to Save Money on Heating Costs

Whichever method you choose to go with for heating your home, there are some general tips to know to keep your system running more efficiently and keep your cost low. You first want to make sure that you have the right size unit for the room—most models will specify the space of the room. It can also be helpful to look for power-saving features such as a timer and a thermostat.

Monitor the heating system throughout the year and follow an upkeep schedule, even when you aren’t using it. Clean and replace filters, remove any corrosion or dirt from the system, and make sure heating pipes and ducts are sealed. This will help ensure that your space heater runs well and reduces the chances of it breaking down.

Space heaters, whether they’re floor heaters or propane wall heaters, can be extremely helpful for bringing warmth to a cold room, but you shouldn’t solely rely on them to heat your home. Using your furnace is still the way to go for heating an entire home, but space heaters can be an economical way to keep one room extra toasty.